"Ghosts Don't Exist" movie released and trailer below.


Picture courtesy of 19th and Wilson.

DCMAG is excited to announce the release of the "Ghosts Don't Exist" Trailer. We were asked to come into this project as technical advicers and we are eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. A special thanks to Eric Espejo, Chris Cooley, Aaron Goodmiller, Richard Friend and all at 19th and Wilson for allowing us to be involved in such a special project. Also please check DCMAG's current cases on the GDE website for all the latest updates on our investigations.

D.C. Independent Film Festival
Best D.C. Filmmaker for 2010
"Eric Espejo for "Ghosts Don't Exist"

Picture courtesy of 19th and Wilson.

Congratulations to Eric Espejo of 19th and Wilson Productions for his well deserved award for "Ghosts Don't Exist. DCMAG has been very proud to be a part of this wonderful project and know that with all the hard work the cast and crew has done, this film will continue to go a long way.



"And that's a wrap"


Eric Espejo (Director), Chris Cooley (Washington Redskins), and John Warfield (DCMAG)