DCMAG has received numerous requests to exchange banners and website information from other paranormal organizations. While we do appreciate the offer, we cannot recommend other groups on our website without first knowing how these groups operate. We owe this not only to the paranormal community, but to our clients who visit our website for guidance.

Paranormal Organizations:

John Zaffis - Mr. Zaffis is considered one of the country's leading paranormal experts and has investigated some of the most aggressive cases in the world including 2 of which sparked the movies "A Haunting in Connecticut" and "The Amityville Horror".


Lorraine Warren - Lorraine Warren is a Physic / Medium and paranormal investigator who is very well known throughout the U.S. and has investigated many aggressive cases including "The Amityville Horror" and "The Haunting in Connecticut cases.


Keith and Sandra Johnson -Keith and Sandra are paranormal investigators and demonologists who founded the "New England Anomalies Research and Investigations" organization. They have been very active in aggressive and inhuman cases and have worked extensively with "The Atlantic Paranormal Society".