Hauntings in the D.C. and Northern Virginia area:


The John Carlyle House

This house was built in 1753 by John Carlyle., a predominant landowner and the first overseer of Alexandria, Va. Since it's completion, 3 deaths have been documented on this site and to this day heavy footsteps, screams, knocking, and banging have still been experienced.  DCMAG investigated the house in February of 2004 and experienced knocking at the front door (with no explanation for it's occurrence) and a few subtle EVP's recorded.


Historic Jordan Springs

The Historic Jordan Springs haunting was founded by DCMAG after the first investigation in 2008. Multiple reports of unexplained phenomena were experienced by staff members and clients at this beautiful location.  The sulphur springs at this location were extremely valued by the Catabwa Indians for it's medicinal and spiritual purposes. The property was purchased by Branch Jordan in 1832 and the first structure was erected in 1843. Since it's founding, the building has been used as a civil war hospital, a hotel, a drug interdiction center, and is now used as local government offices and a events center that accommodates  to weddings and other events. DCMAG had the privilege of conducting a 2 day investigation at this facility and a monthly investigation over an 8-9 month period with some impressive findings. Hundreds of EVP's recorded, a full bodied apparition seen by myself, shadow figures, investigators being touched, and 1 case of a witnessed object materialization. This was the location in which the "19th and Wilson" film "Ghosts don't Exist" were trained by the DCMAG team.